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The values of universal human coexistence in mutual respect, tolerance and diversity are in the eyes of SilaNada the basis for peace and growth in Indonesia and the world. These values have been established by the founding fathers of the Republic of Indonesia in the "Pancasila" and anchored in the principle of "Bhinneka Tunggal Ika".

SilaNada sets out to raise awareness of these values through artistic expressive possibilities, to reflect and to keep them alive.

Keep them Alive.

Pancasila & Bhinneka Tunggal Ika


SilaNada was founded by the German cultural manager Hermann Josef Sattler (pendiri, pembina). Competent experts from different areas of music guarantee a versatile leadership of the foundation. Aditya Setiadi (pembina) - Master of Music, faculty member of University of Indonesia. Gabriel Harvianto (Pengawas) – Experienced singer and vocal coach. Wishnu Dewanta (ketua) – composer and conductor. Nathan Iskandar (sekretaris) – composer, lecturer for music theory. Windy Johan (bendahara) – Master for accountance, CFO

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Interfaith and are committed to the supreme divine principle  ·  .. and initiate artistic works that address current societal issues, international human rights and the right to personal development of individuals, regardless of age, gender, ethnic origin or life orientation  ·  .. nationwide and strive to bring together the different artistic and cultural expressions in order to contribute to the strengthening of a cultural identity  ·  .. and initiate interdisciplinary and international artistic exchange in order to reflect new perspectives, to create mutual understanding and acceptance  ·  .. Music and literature talents to support them on their path to a socially secured future.

Caspar - The Musical

An original Indonesian Musical in a very special 3D Sound experience. Performance date and venue will be announced.

A musical about love and might, tolerance and freedom. A musical of Indonesia. A musical for the world.

CASPAR is a musical with 20 scenes and 17 original songs. It is based on the life of Caspar Reinwardt, the founder of the botanical Garden in Bogor. Wrapped in an historical story the musical talks about nowadays changes of values, the struggle for power and the search for essential meaning which unites us all.

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Musical CASPAR

Kurasa Kusuka Dia

is the love song out of Musical CASPAR. This song is unique in its theme. It describes the feelings of people in love from different cultures. In this song Caspar, the German and Kamala the Javanese. The song is about the tension between attraction and restraint. The clash of Western and Asian characteristics. Composed by Wishnu Dewanta. A young talented composer and conductor. Performed by the experienced and well-known singer, Gabriel Harvianto, who is able to lead his voice through many facets of emotions and the young upcoming highlight at the sky of Indonesians classical singer, Yasashi I Evelyn. She is one of the talents SilaNada foundation supports.

Yasashi I Evelyn - Gabriel Harvianto


Itulah Kita is a song about the ideals of Love. The ideal basis of interpersonal living together. The pancasila in simple terms. Broken down into personal life. It shows that Pancasila is more as only the state's declaration – these are universal values of living together. In partnership, in the family, in Indonesia and in the whole world. This song is composed by Nathan Iskandar a promising musician graduated at UPH. Performed is this song by Yasashi I Evelyn with her brilliant classical voice and Gabriel Harvianto an accomplished tenor, with various achievements.

Composed by : Nathan Iskandar

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Each one who likes to support the aims of SilaNada Foundation is welcome to join our Community of Members. With a minimum fee of 1.000.000 IDR per year you will have the benefits of being special guest of our events, invited to the VIP lounge and will get a discount of 50% of entrance fees. Furthermore, you will be invited to special events of SilaNada. You are a part of the foundation - part of SilaNada Community.

Hermann Josef Sattler - Founder

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